Testimonials for Kempenaar's in Middletown, Rhode Island

See what others are saying about our Rhode Island clambakes in Middletown, Rhode Island, when you read these testimonials. You'll find that Kempenaar's Clambake Club is well-loved for our delicious food and elegant style.

My group really enjoyed the experience immensely
- Abbot L.

...we will be back for seconds of the Kempenaar experience
- Cigna

Everyone had a ball.
- Home Loan & Investment

...a great chowder. People are still raving about it.
- Schroff, Inc.

The people at KCC were wonderful and helpful
- Streetcars, Inc.

Once again our sales force had a great time
- Teknor Apex, Inc.

The food was plentiful and delicious, and your staff was excellent.
- Anderson Consulting

It has been a pleasure working with you and your whole staff.
- Bentley College

... from all reports, they had a wonderful time.
- MIT Alumni Association

... facility, food, staff - we all had a great time.
- PC Class of '69

Your efforts helped make Senior Week a big success.
- Rhode Island College

The extra things you did made the day very special to us.
- High Schools 50th

We had a great time ... and the food couldn't be beat.
- SWOS 126

We all enjoyed ourselves 102%
- Charles Fradin, Inc.

The food was delicious... and the employees were so hospitable.
- General Electric

Appreciate your explaining the lore behind a classic tradition.
- Hewlett-Packard

...without your help, this vast would not be possible.
- Blinded Veterans Association

...everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the food was delicious.
- Military Operations Research

We toast you for a job well done.
- USS Abner Read Reunion

You've made a hero of me here at H.B.S. It was very clear that your first priority is to provide an enjoyable day for your guests.
- Harvard Business School

The grounds looked beautiful, the food was great and the hospitality was the best!
- Betty Lou & Pete

The extra attention to details brought extraordinary praise.
- Insurance Designers

...a pleasure to work with people who are totally trusted.
- RI Connection

It was a great party - children had a super time.
- Shearson Lehman Hutton

The food was wonderful, and the food was handled to perfection.
- Roche HLR Service

Your operation is the greatest. Everything was perfect.
- Executone, Inc.

The clambake was wonderful. We had a marvelous time.
- Preferred Networks, Inc.

The success of this event is a reflection of your experienced staff.
- USS Boston Shipmates, Inc.

... the hospitality shown by your staff made the evening a success.
- Sheffield School

Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day such a happy one.
- Lisa & James

Everyone said it was the best wedding they ever attended.
- Marie & Steven

The food was excellent, the grounds beautiful, and we felt right at home.
- Local 2879

Heartfelt thanks for making our birthday ball a most memorable event.
- C.O. Naval Dental Center

Once again a first class outing has been provided by KCC.
- Waste Management, Inc.

...we were very impressed with your facility and look forward to coming back.
- American Culinary Federation

If you ever have anyone that's undecided, give them our name.
- The Dartmouth Group

We've had nothing but raves from our guests.
- Sam Barker

We look forward to seeing you again next year.
- Teknor Color, Inc.

Our wedding reception was wonderful. Everyone raved about it.
- Colleen & Bob

The best New England Clambake I have had. The crew feels the same.
- USS Valdez

The food seemed endless! A delicious fare and loads of fun. We'll surely be back!
- PDQ Printing

Again, thank you for the wonderful, authentic New England Clambake experience.
- Dental Education Associates
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Two Kids at an Event - in Middletown, Rhode Island
Family Eating Clams - in Middletown, Rhode Island